Beauty Salon Decorations

The place where you can escape from all your tensions and have people pampering you is the beauty salon! It is paradise for many people who love to get beauty treatments done. One reason why the environment in a salon is so relaxing is because of the soothing interiors, the calming color schemes and the fresh green indoor plants placed evenly around the room. Beauty salons are very popular for their interiors as well as the lovely decorations which make the surrounding look attractive. You must have noticed, there are so many things in a salon which you can look at when you are getting a haircut or when you have to sit still as your nails are being done. These objects are placed to draw the attention of customers and relax them while they are stationary.

Ideas for Decorating the Interior of a Beauty Salon

Beauty salons have a number of interior incorporations such as furniture (chairs, sofas, side tables, cabinets, etc.), mirrors, vanities, cupboards and open shelves for cosmetics and beauty products. Apart from the basic interiors such as furniture and wall colors, you can have additions in the salon that can create a unique and attractive effect in the salons. In the paragraphs below, you will find more about how to decorate a beauty salon with simple yet effective decorations. Take a look!

One of the most effective decorations to change the look of any room are lights, which are not only decorative but also useful. There are many ways with which you can include lights as your salon decorations, such as LED ceiling lights, table lamps, mirror lights, etc. The ceiling lights can illuminate the entire room in any desired manner, to make the salon look stylish and classy. If you wish

Beauty Salon Business Plan

It’s pretty amazing to know that almost all the beauty salons have a very good business these days. The only reason is that people have become extra conscious about their appearance, and are willing to go that extra mile to make themselves more presentable. Hence, if you have a relevant expertise in this particular field, then you can surely think about getting into it professionally. Though it promises good returns, the competition is pretty tough. Hence, you must be prepared with a foolproof beauty salon business plan before you venture into this field. Some of the aspects that should be covered are given below.

Executive Summary

Executive summary is an abstract of the entire information in your plan. It includes the market analysis, strategies, competition, ideas, etc. Usually, it is short, of about 2 pages. It gives an idea about the entire plan at a single glance. It helps you to understand what the business is all about.

Company Description

Company description describes the entire functioning of the company. It includes everything about the company, the mission, goals, assets, etc. It also has an information about the start-up ideas and the objectives of the company. It may give a brief introduction of the founder members and the top management personnel.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is very important for any venture. It helps you to understand the scope of your work and its position in the market. It deals with the needs of the customers and what they expect from you. It also includes market research about the competitors. Hence, the market analysis should be properly done and expressed in accurate figures.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies include the description of all the activities you are likely to adopt for marketing. It could be mouth publicity, advertisements in print or electronic media, hoardings, and

Beauty Salon Equipment and Furniture Buying Tips

To go solo in the beauty business needs a lot of commitment and planning. To embark upon a new venture and start a beauty salon can be very rewarding and can provide you with a platform to discover new heights in terms of your creativity.

When you start your own salon, there are factors you need to consider. You have to maintain the quality, provide all the luxuries, and find new ways to pamper your clients. The beauty treatment you offer should enhance the look of the clients and also give them personal satisfaction. This would help you maintain clients, and, by word of mouth, even expect new people to turn up.

The salon needs to sport all the latest facilities that support expensive treatments. When planning a beauty salon, you must use the latest products belonging to different brands. Most customers would prefer a wide range that suits not only their skin, but their budgets as well. Keeping this in mind, your salon will have to use popular brands for the beauty treatments. Apart from this, you must also plan the furniture and the equipment. Your clients would totally benefit from this and would appreciate the amount of time you have invested in the interiors and equipment.

Buying Tips

– If you see, in general, most salons offer basic hair styling services and skin care treatments. You must decide the facilities your salon would offer. This would help you decide the kind of equipment and accessories you would need to stock and use.
– Any salon would need to use basic equipment for hair and skin treatment. Once you know the kind of services your salon would be catering to, you can think of wash basins, the latest hair styling equipment for perming and hair straightening, hair

Choosing Your Beauty Salon

A regular visit to the beauty salon is not a luxury anymore. For most women on the go, they are more than just a place to get their beauty and skin care treatment done. This is where you can unwind yourself, throw your cares to the winds, and relax. Whether it is a super hot haircut or some sexy make up for a night out, salons offer you an excellent lifestyle you need to incorporate in your daily life, to balance your hectic schedule. This is the place where you can discover a new you.

So, how does one go about when it comes to choosing a beauty salon? You may have just shifted in a new neighborhood, or you may not be entirely satisfied with the beauty and skin care treatments being offered by your regular salon. Grooming ourselves is now not a lavish behavior anymore, for most people it is a way of life and when one needs something done, most people want it done in style. Therefore, when it comes to choosing your beauty, you must exercise great caution and care.

Sift Your Beauty Salon

– An easy way out to know which beauty salon is the best would be to ask your friends or people in the neighborhood. Referrals are also the best way. Tap the women in your area, as they will generally be willing to discuss the salon charges, the quality of the services offered, and the basic drawbacks of the salon.
– They not only offer you beauty and skin care treatments, but also additional services, such as advanced manicures and pedicures, cosmetic application, makeovers, massages, and varied facials. There are some parlors that offer personalized beauty tips and intensive spa treatments, which include reflexology and massage sessions. Therefore, it

Natural Beauty Pageant Rules

Beauty pageants are usually associated with glitz, glamor, and everything out of this world. However, natural beauty pageants are those that focus on natural beauty and a well-rounded personality. Usually held for younger girls and teens, these beauty pageants make an attempt to bring out girls’ communication skills, their passion for a cause, and their natural selves. Some argue that such pageants are better for younger girls as it teaches them to be comfortable with their ‘real’ selves rather than putting up a show of someone they may not truly be. Moreover, their level of confidence increases, and they focus on developing their personality more than their beauty. In keeping with these thoughts, certain basic rules have been set for them. These have been discussed here.

Basic Rules of Natural Beauty Pageants

The reason the stress is on the word ‘basic’ is because some of the rules may change based on the pageant organizers. However, there are certain ground rules that are followed during most such beauty pageants. Let’s take a look at these rules.

➝ Photographs that are sent to the pageant for shortlisting should not be clicked with make up on. Moreover, touching up these photographs is not allowed. However, some pageants may specify the kind of photographs they are looking for, i.e. black and white or color photographs.

➝ As the name of the pageant suggests, the focus here is on natural beauty. As such, girls below a certain age (8-12 yrs) are not allowed to apply any make up. Older girls may use very little (say lip gloss and mascara) for the pageant. No fake teeth, spray tans, or fake hair may be used.

➝ In fact, even the dresses girls wear have to be simple and not glitzy or very fashionable. However, children are

Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons

Remember the film Miss Congeniality? Sandra Bullock, (detective Gracie Hart), the prototypical tomboyish woman (because she is an FBI agent), with abundant small, gray cells, goes totally bonkers when she has to participate in a beauty pageant for an FBI operation. She is absolutely mad about it, because according to her, these contests are a sham. Moreover, only beauties without brains participate in such contests was her mindset. Nevertheless, reel life apart, in real life, these pageants are perhaps not so bad as they are sometimes thought to be. Just like everything else, however, there might be some negativity attached to it.

Pros and Cons of Beauty Pageants

The Process


First things first, the process through which you become fit and worthy enough to enter a pageant is an absolutely rigorous one and teaches you a lot. As the contestants progress towards the pageant and the crown, the whole experience is mesmerizing and can be life changing.


The process demands very hard work; leave alone the physical demands, such a contest takes a toil on your mental state as well. That can be worse than the physical stress.



Presenting yourself flawlessly and gracefully in front of the others, is a fantastic booster for your self-confidence. Furthermore, looking good is another asset and habit you get into through such a contest.


It is possible that such contests may contribute to you becoming too superficial. You may give importance only to outer appearance rather than sensing the deeper meaning of a personality.



A beauty pageant is not just about being rewarding for you as a person, but it is rewarding in the materialistic sense as well (who wouldn’t mind earning a few good bucks, eh!). Most of the time, pageant winners get cash prizes, a chance to travel, explore places, and earn scholarships

Beauty Pageant Hairstyles for Kids

Beauty pageants are a long-held tradition not just among women, but even among little kids. There is a growing trend of many parents entering their little girls in beauty pageants. And of course, you want your little princess to look her best for the pageant, so besides the dress, one key element in any pageant is the hairstyle, and you don’t even have to be a celebrity hairstylist to fashion a princess worthy hairdo for your future pageant queen. Whether you are entering your child in a local, state, or national beauty pageant, there are a lot of hairstyles options for kids.

When choosing pageant hairstyles for kids, it’s important to choose one that highlights and accentuates the natural features, and does not make them look too grown up. You definitely will want to avoid any garish hair colors and styles as that will only make her look like she is trying too hard. Rather than having her carry around a very adult hairstyle, choose an age appropriate hairstyle that highlights her best features.

Some Ideas

Though it is always better to keep the hairstyle simple, there is nothing wrong in, wanting to go for hairstyles that are a little more elaborate than the one’s she normally goes in for. Another important point to remember is leaving enough room in whatever hairstyle you choose for the tiara. Here are some easy to do hairstyles for little girls:

Cascading Curls: This hairstyle is ideal as a pageant hairstyle for medium hair. Curls can accentuate the softness and innocence of the kid while still giving her a formal look. To create this look, all you need is a curling iron and some mousse or hairspray. But before you begin, it is important to know how to curl hair with a

Pageant Hairstyles for Short Hair

For any contestant taking part in beauty contest, her hair is her crowning glory. Usually, most girls participating in a pageant have long hair, but now, times are changing. Though most people believe that only long hairstyles look feminine and versatile, it is not so, as even short ones look great, and definitely have an edge over the others. Women with short hairstyles aren’t afraid to be unique, and don’t believe in playing it safe. There are tons of pageant hairstyles for short hair, which look classy and glamorous.

In a pageant, each of us wants to look our best. So, besides choosing the right dress, shoes, and accessories, it is crucial to have a great hairstyle. Whatever style you choose for your hair, has a direct impact on your look. The right haircut ideas can accentuate your features and help you achieve a particular look. Selecting one much before the pageant is of utmost importance, as experimenting with a look on the final night can result in a disaster. So, it’s best that you select one of the best short styles that suits you, and practice it so that you do not have any problem on the D-day.


Slicked Look: A sexy, slicked back style is a perfect idea for short hair. The best part is, that it is extremely easy to do, and does not require a lot of hair care. Start by wetting your hair, and then towel dry it. Then, while it is still damp, brush it in the desired style. The style depends on what suits you, for example, you can part it in the middle, part it in the side, create a zigzag parting, or even style it all the way back without a parting. After that, rub a handful

Pageant Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is considered to be the best option when it comes to hairstyling, specially for a beauty pageant. You can experiment with this type of hair and create fascinating hairstyles. Pageant hairstyles demand elegance and beauty.

When it comes to curly hair, the options become more varied. You can really customize your look and play up with your ringlets. Decorating your hair with unique accessories can make a simple hairstyle look glamorous. However, loose ringlets are always preferred to tight curls.

Grecian Updo: This traditional hair style is so popular that it is still one of the most preferred hairstyle used in beauty pageants. To make this hairstyle, take your hair up and twist it loosely. Put bobby pins to hold it in place. You can decorate your hair by tying two ribbons around it. This hairstyle gives you a sophisticated and feminine look.

Romantic Updo: This is one updo which look better on loose ringlets rather than tight curls. To make this hairstyle, comb your hair neatly and part them into small sections. Then, one by one pull each section of hair towards your crown and secure it there with the help of bobby pins leaving the remaining curls flowing downwards giving it a cascading effect. After pinning up all the sections, set the pinned up hair with the help of a loose hold spray so that it looks neat for a long period of time. Decorate it with hair accessories and small butterfly pins.

French Braiding: Many girls are fond of tying their hair in a French plait. It gives them a feminine and pleasant look. Divide the front section of your hair equally and braid them. Secure them behind using bobby pins. Then make a neat French plait. Decorate the braided hair with small

Beauty Pageants: Good, Bad or Plain Ugly?

Thereafter, there doesn’t seem to be many records of what way beauty pageants went. Beauty was always appreciated, in every culture, in every country and continent, in every era. But formal, organized beauty pageants – maybe not.

The tradition came to America in 1921 when the hoteliers of Atlantic City decide to stage a “pageant” to entice summer tourists to stay in town past Labor Day. The fall festival included a “National Beauty Tournament” on the beach to select “the most beautiful bathing beauty in America”.

Local newsman, Herb Test, created history by offering to title of “Miss America” to the girl who wins. Out of the eight competitors for the title, Ms. Margaret Gorman, who represented the nation’s capital as Miss Washington D.C., was declared the beauty queen, winning the first Miss America title. It became an annual event after that. All sorts of landmarks started appearing. For instance, in 1923, Mary Katherine Campbell became the only woman to win the Miss America title two years in a row. By 1923, the number of contestants swelled to 70, and they would converge in Atlantic City to compete for the crown. The contest was discontinued between 1929 and 1932, because the great Depression had started eating into the US economy during this period. In 1932, it was held, but without much fanfare, as Dorothy Hann, a diminutive 5’2″ woman won the Miss America title.

But thereafter the contest was dogged by controversies. First, the contest, even after it was revived, came under a new management as The Variety Showman’s Jubilee. Then the winner, 15-year-old Marian Bergeron won the crown. Later, when her age was discovered, she was disqualified but the crown had already been stolen from the Queen’s hotel where she was staying. The event was a