How to Clean Makeup Brushes

You need to clean your makeup brushes after every use and thoroughly once a week. This is because, not many of us realize that the dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria gets trapped in the makeup bristles. This can lead to skin irritation, rashes, and other skin conditions. So whether it is a natural hair makeup brush made of animal hair or the synthetic makeup brush with artificial fibers like taklon or nylon, cleaning your brushes is an absolute must. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to clean makeup brushes at home.

The Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

There are a number of makeup brush cleaners available in the market. They not only help in removing the makeup and residue from the brushes, but also help in eliminating and disinfecting the brushes from the bacteria and germs. As for the synthetic brushes, you can use mild shampoos or facial cleansers to wash away the dirt and residue from the brushes. Here are some simple methods that help you properly clean makeup brushes.

Step # 1: After makeup, use a fresh baby wipe to remove the residue and oils from the makeup brushes that you use. This can include the eyeshadow brushes, blush brushes, and lipstick brushes.

Step # 2: Every week, fill up a small bowl with warm water. Add some shampoo and three to four drops of tea tree oil to the water. A good quality clarifying shampoo and tea tree oil containing anti-bacterial and antifungal properties help in cleansing the brushes and removing the bacteria off it. A mixture of two parts vinegar and one part water is also a great cleansing solution for your brushes. In addition to this, a gentle facial cleanser or a mild herbal shampoo is your best bet for cleaning the bristles of the makeup brushes.

Step # 3: Place your brushes in the solution and swish around the brushes every thirty seconds or so. Remember not to place them in the water for too long. Never place the brushes in boiling water for sterilizing them.

Step # 4: Rinse the brushes under warm running water to wash off the shampoo from the bristles. With a soft towel, pat the brushes dry, and reshape the bristles. Avoid scrubbing the bristles harshly as you may end up loosening the bristles. Squeeze out the excess water from the bristles.

Step # 5: Mold the brushes back into their original shape. This is an essential step that helps in retaining the original shape of the brush, even after drying. Remember to place them on a dry, clean towel or a lint-free surface. Leaving the brushes standing up while drying can result in the bristles getting weakened. The brushes will dry in six to seven hours, based on its thickness and fullness. Do not place the brushes under electric or other dryers as it can end up ruining your makeup tools. Avoid using the brushes till they are fully dry.

If you are cleaning nylon brushes, then instead of keeping them in a solution of warm water, just apply the cleanser to the brushes and work it into the bristles with your finger. Rinse under warm water and use a lint-free cloth to squeeze out the excess water and keep them for drying.

How Often to Clean Makeup Brushes

While cleaning your makeup brushes at regular intervals is an absolute necessity, it is important that you clean the brushes based on its type and how often you use them. For example, a brush used for a liquid foundation, lip products, and cream eye shadows have a lot of residue which can be difficult to wipe out with a normal wet wipe. Thus, you need to clean these brushes on a daily basis. On the other hand, brushes used for loose powders and other dry cosmetic products need to be cleaned every two to three weeks.

To prevent your makeup tools from getting dirty, store them in a clean, dry, protected place such as a vanity drawer, brush pouch, or makeup bag. Cleaning makeup brushes properly is essential not only for removing the dirt, oil, and residue from them, but also for keeping the brushes in good condition for a long time.

Liquid Makeup for Older Women

Entering your forties does not necessarily spell the end of the desire to look beautiful and try out new products. In fact, it is at this age, when makeup becomes a necessity and not a mere tool of enhancing your beauty. However, the makeup for older women differs from the one for younger women, in a number of ways. Not only the makeup has to be classy and graceful, but it should also hide the obvious signs of aging. Liquid makeup meant particularly for older women does just the same. Along with rendering a youthful appearance, it also camouflages wrinkles and fine lines.

Liquid Makeup for Older Ladies

While using a foundation, it is always best to go for water-based or gel foundation. Use your fingertips to spread the foundation evenly on your face. Liquid foundation moisturizes the skin, which tends to get dry in elderly females. It also keeps the skin hydrated and thus, reduces the appearance of fine lines. Powder foundations enhance the wrinkles, hence it is better to steer clear of them.

Cream blush is effective for older women, as it blends well with the foundation and creates an impression of smooth skin. Also, blush should be selected in neutral, pink, or peach shades. These shades give a youthful appearance and also exude elegance and class. Darker shades make you look older than you are.

Eye Makeup
Eyeshadow should also be cream-based, as it smoothens the creases above the eyelids. Eyes, or the region surrounding them is the first to show the signs of aging. Hence, eye makeup should be done with extreme caution. Stick to safe colors of eyeshadow such as pink or gray, which soften the gray hair. A liner and mascara in dark color can be used to complete the look.

Eyebrow Makeup
Eyebrows begin to fade and the hair become sparse, when you grow older. Hence, you should use powder or gel to define them. However, choose the color that matches with your natural hair color.

Lip Color
Lips often become thinner, dried, and lack shine as you grow old. Lip gloss can create an illusion of fuller plumper lips. Use a lip color that has moisturizer and ingredients like vitamin E to nourish your lips. You may also choose to apply an anti feathering lip primer to avoid feathering. Again, refrain from using wild and vibrant lip colors. Pink, berry, coral, or peach shades look good on older females.

Important Tips

– As mentioned before ‘class’ is the keyword when it comes to the makeup for old women. Remember, your makeup indicates the class you come from, hence, always be careful with it.
– Instead of going for the color or appearance of the product, look at the ingredients and settle for those, which have natural ingredients.
– Always go for quality products, even though they might come at an extra price.
– When you are old, the old adage ‘less is more’ applies while wearing makeup. Heavy or pan cake makeup will give you a gaunt and sullen look. Hence, always go for a minimalist look.
– Avoid using, shiny, shimmery look, as it looks gross on older women.
– Along with makeup, it is equally important to select right clothes and accessories. Go for clothes that suit your age, profession, and looks. You cannot afford a fashion faux pas at this age.

The last and the foremost important thing one needs to remember at ripe age, is that you only need makeup to feel good and confident about yourself, and not to impress anyone. This is a stage where you have already carved a niche for yourself and nobody is going to judge you by your appearance.

Makeup Ideas for Prom

A prom is as sacred for high school girls as Oscars are to Hollywood. And we all want to look our best on that special day. Though preparing for it can be a little daunting, dressing up for the occasion is the most fun part of it all! Selecting the dresses, shoes, accessories, etc., and creating that perfect look for your fun night of dancing is a dream come true for every girl. The easiest and most fun way to stand out is by being a little creative with your makeup. You don’t have to run to a makeup artist to get makeup ideas for prom. Instead, you can achieve that perfect look by getting a few creative makeup tips for teenagers.


Makeup should be used to accentuate your best features. The following are a few makeup tips to help you achieve your dream look – complete with bright, red lips, sexy, bronzed look, and sensual, smokey eyes. The basic rule of makeup is ‘More is less’. Highlighting more than one feature is like fashion suicide. Choose your best feature (we all have one!), and accentuate it. Whether it is your ‘Angelina Jolie lips’ or ‘Kate Bosworth eyes’, go ahead and make the most of it!

Foundation: Girls below twenty-five normally do not need any foundation or concealer. But on some special occasions, it can make your face look healthier and dewier. There are tons of choices available, including tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, cream to powder foundation, etc. Most people are always confused about how to choose the perfect foundation. Since you will be dancing, and do not want your foundation to melt away with your sweat, it is best to use oil-free foundation in a powder form. Applying a finishing powder over the foundation will help it stay longer. If you don’t want a pancake batter look, it is best if you only apply foundation where you need it, like the cheeks, the chin, and the forehead. For choosing the perfect foundation color, you will have to make sure that it blends right into your skin tone so that it looks like you’re not wearing any foundation at all! After all, no one wants a patchy or two toned look! So when buying it, try not to buy it at a local store, as most cosmetic shops in malls have people to help you choose the perfect shade.

Lips: If you choose to highlight your lips, then think bright. A classic choice for lips is red, so as to make them look more luscious. But remember, choosing the right shade of red is crucial, or it can come off looking cheap. Another hot favorite is dark pink. Usually for such occasions, shades of brown are not the best choices. Once you have highlighted your lips with homemade lip gloss, keep the rest of the makeup minimal and soft so that your lips are the focal point. If you are highlighting your lips only, apply light pink blush, natural colored shades for the eyes along with a little mascara to finish off your look, and you’re all set to make a grand entrance!

Eyes: If you have decided to highlight your eyes, then you have infinite choices. One option is to use dark shades of chocolate, jade, and deep plum colors on the eyes. If you wish to be a little different, then use glitter. Line your eyes with black pencil liner, follow it up with a black liquid liner, and top it off with a layer of smudged shadow! This will make the makeup last longer. To really make your eyes the focal point, add some dramatic colors like aqua blue or green. These colors will highlight the beauty of your eyes. Choose colors that complement your personality, but also remember to take into consideration your skin tone and eye color. While doing any eye makeup, it is very important that your eyebrows are shaped. If they are not shaped, it can look extremely tacky. But do not get them shaped on the special day. Another idea is the evergreen smokey eyes. To get the perfect smokey eyes look, one needs to know how to apply eye shadow. The key is blending in the eye shadow flawlessly. Also, what’s crucial is to choose the right combination of light and dark colors. Some examples of beautiful smokey eyes include soft gold base with purple on top, or bright blue and peach base with a tinge of green. Having smokey eyes is an evergreen style with which you can always make a statement. If you want your eyes to look more dramatic and different than usual, try wearing contact lenses of different colors. Applying mascara gives a finish to the makeup, and makes your eyes look bigger. So, always remember to finish your look by applying mascara.

Blush: The color of your blush depends on your facial features. If you are not sure, then the best option would be to go for a peachy, nude color blush, which will help you highlight your cheek bones. Also, keep in mind that if you have to blend the blush in, it is probably too bright for your skin tone. You should apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you’re not sure, just smile, and then apply on the most prominent part of your cheeks.

These cool makeup ideas for prom will help you stand out and make a grand entrance. For choosing the right makeup, you have to take into consideration your personality, dress sense, and hair style. So, go ahead, unleash your inner fashionista, and get ready to become the prom queen!

Makeup Blunders

The application of makeup is almost like a work of art. Some people would do anything to be ‘talked about’, but I have compiled a list of some common mistakes you must definitely avoid so that when people talk about you, it is for all the right reasons!

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

– Ok, so that blush looks fantastic in the magazine advertisement on that model with the drop dead gorgeous looks, but too much blush can actually make you look as if someone has dropped a color palette over your face! The blusher you use should give you a natural look – rosy and pretty! Look for soft pinks or peach, that makes you look youthful. The area of application also should be done appropriately; smile a little, and tap the blush onto the cheekbones. Dust only a little, save your generosity for something else.
– When you try to hide your blemishes, do you realize you are actually highlighting them? This is another common mistake that you need to carefully think about; wearing no makeup would actually be better, than giving prominence to your blemishes. If you must apply a concealer, always match it with your foundation. Blend shades well, or better still, create your own.
– Well, you have spent loads of precious minutes applying that magnificent branded eye shadow, but hey, hang on! Have you checked out all the dust that lies beneath your eyes and on your cheeks? One way to avoid this would be to do your eye makeup before you apply the foundation. Avoid rubbing off this dust, as this would embed it further into your skin.
– You walk into this party feeling great about yourself, and a second later you feel years older when a person walks up to you and says, ‘You look a little tired today’. Alas! All those layers of cosmetics are wasted! Sometimes, wrong color choices in your palette can add age to your face, rather than making you look youthful and fresh. Shades of blue and gray if applied incorrectly can be one of the biggest blunders you can make. Even if these shades are in vogue, stick to the basic colors unless you love drawing attention for all the wrong things.
– Being a workaholic will definitely give you dark circles under your eyes, but you need not advertise this to the world, by applying too much concealer. Instead, moisturize the area under your eyes, and use a light and creamy concealer in small amounts. Blend well.
– You may love applying lipstick, but if you have chapped lips, avoid using lipstick at all costs. Use a lip balm instead, which would keep your lips moist and soft. Some lip balms are available in tints of fresh colors and fruity flavors.
– Even if you have spent hours applying the eye shadow, forgetting to apply mascara or feeling too lazy can prove to be scary to others! Eye shadow particles can sit prettily on your lovely lashes and this certainly is not going to enhance your looks in any way! Ensure you use the mascara on your upper and lower lashes to give a good definition to the eyes.

So, the next time you go all out with your makeup brushes, do keep these points in mind! Use the cosmetics to enhance your looks, put on your best dress and party the night away, in style!

Nude Makeup

So, you wish to look naturally pretty despite the use of makeup? Having a painted face is something most women dread, after the use of various products that claim to enhance the looks. Sporting too much makeup can be uncomfortable, especially on a hot, sunny day. Natural, beautiful skin needs loads of skin care and healthy eating habits. If you have a hot date this weekend, and certainly don’t have time to embark upon a new beauty routine, here are some makeup tricks that can give you a natural glow, without the made-up look. Natural skin, combined with nude lips, is better anytime compared to wearing oodles of makeup on your face. Here are some tips to get those super-sexy nude lips.

Tips for Perfect Nude Makeup

– The bottom line is to keep it simple, and avoid the use of too many colors. For the eyes, use a few swipes of mascara strokes or the liner. If it’s a nighttime event you are planning to attend, then smoky eyes can certainly do the trick.
– If your skin has pale undertones, go in for peach, pink, and washed out nude shades for the lips. If you have olive undertones for the skin, you can stick to cream or pale beiges. The main factor of this makeup has always been that the lips should look natural. Using very pale shades can give your lips a ghostly look. The best way to avoid this would be to test these shades beforehand. Avoid doing this just before your event or party, as the application and the removal of these shades from the lips can cause the lips to redden. Choose shades similar or lighter to your skin tone.
– You can try applying a simple lip balm, concealer, and a lip-gloss as well. Use a lip exfoliator before you try this look. This would make your lips smooth and nice to feel. Once done, gently apply a dab of the lip balm on the lips, and add a light layer of the concealer over this. Use a lip brush for the application. Avoid dabbing too much concealer as it may end up making your lips look muddy. Remember, the percentage of the concealer can be increased later. Let the concealer and the lip balm sink into the lips. Then top this off with a fresh layer of lip-gloss for a basic and luscious nude lip look. To make your lips appear fuller, apply gold or silver lip-gloss on the lower lips. Another option would be to use a high shine, shimmery lip-gloss instead of the basic, clear one.
– Dab a lip brush into the lipstick. Apply this on your lips and blot with a tissue. Reapply it altogether. This trick would help to keep the color on for a longer time, giving you truly gorgeous, kissable lips. If you must use a lip liner, you need to match it with your lip color. Browns or darker shades are a huge no-no.
– Remember to add loads of mascara for the eyes. Nude lips need to be complemented with smoky eyes, or a touch of mascara and liner, to complete the whole look.

For a barely-there look, go in for a foundation that is light in texture, and transparent with a powdery finish. Apply this in parts to get the right coverage for your skin. Remember, minimum is the basic point that you need to remember for the nude look.

Makeup Tips for Teenagers

The teenage years are the most enjoyable, and also the most difficult time for certain youngsters. This is the time one goes into high school, and often remains confused as to whether he/she is a kid or a grown up. Restrictions and more restrictions! Do not party too much, wear less makeup, and concentrate on your studies; most teenagers would be familiar with these lines! Well, whether the parents like it or not, most teens love to use cosmetics. Use the following teen makeup tips to look stunning for that happening night out with the cute guy next door!

Complete Makeup Tips
If you are not blessed with the best skin, and already have a pimple a day before the party, don’t panic. It can be managed with makeup. However, you must avoid using too much of it on a daily basis, as it would simply harm your skin in the long run.

– To brighten up your skin, you need to follow a good skincare routine. Use a deep cleanser to remove all the oil and traces of makeup every night. Use a gentle scrub, once in a while, to get rid of dull skin.
– All teens are fascinated by foundation, but they don’t actually need it. Leave that to the grown ups. If you are having spots or marks, use a concealer to hide the problem areas.
– Use tinted bronze shades that can add to the natural glow of your skin. Apply them on the cheeks, forehead, chin, and the nose. This would give you a sun-kissed look.
– Use some loose powder to even out the uneven texture of the skin.
– Use eye makeup only for night parties. You can begin with a light eye shadow to cover the eyelid. Then, take a slightly darker eye shadow, and cover the area towards the top of the eyelid. Choose shades that suit your skin tone, or those that match your outfit. Be careful of zany shades such as blue, as it may make you look pale. Apply a black/brown liner to the eyelid and apply some kohl under your eyes to give them definition. This would help you attract attention to your eyes. Finish with a coat of mascara, which will make your eyes look wider.
– If you need to define your eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil that is a shade lighter than the natural color. Use an eyebrow comb to brush it out evenly.
– Blusher helps to add to the warmth of the skin, and can also help to liven up your look. For a chiseled look, dab some blusher slightly below your cheekbones. Apply it in an outward direction if you want your eyes to appear wider.
– Lipsticks are high on the must-haves. Always use a lip liner to define your lips well. Use natural shades for the day, and dark shades for the night. Nude shades work best for a sun-kissed look in the morning hours. Top it with loads of gloss for haughty lips. You also need to keep the lipstick shade in coordination with your eye shadow. Both have to be on similar lines. Light shades also help to make your lips appear fuller.
– Highlighters help to bring more attention to specific areas of the face. Use a silver highlighter under your brow to jazz up the eyes.

Some Considerations

– Make sure you use the right brushes for the application of makeup.
– Always test the foundation or products on a patch of skin on your forehand. This helps in avoiding allergies and reactions.
– Clean the brushes once you are done. Do not leave any color on them for a long period of time.
– Avoid heavy makeup, and also cleanse your face after getting back home.

Cosmetics should be used to enhance your features. Remember, you must not solely depend on them. Always eat right, and be happy. This is bound to reflect on your face, and help you look truly beautiful.

How To Apply Makeup

Now, getting the same look like that of models on magazine covers and fashion runways is no biggie. Aiming for that dewy and glowing complexion just became easier and an actual possibility with the tips and techniques mentioned in this article.

Flawless Complexion

It’s amazing how no matter how good your clothes maybe, it is your skin that gets noticed first. In fact, someone has rightly said that beautiful skin does not even need jewelry to complement it – it shines even without it. Once you know the secrets of applying makeup the right way, you can highlight your best features, hide your problem areas, and transform your face into a work of art.

Eye Makeup

They say eyes are the window to our soul. Eyes speak volumes about us, our personality, and our nature. With the right techniques, you can choose to give your eyes a smoky, sultry, or an angelic look or even prep yourself up for a party in the evening!

Choice of Color
The kind of colors you choose for the eyes will determine the entire look. Nude colors like beige, cream, soft brown are great for office and daytime while colors like golden, silver, and bronze are more adventurous and go well for a night out in town. If you want to add a touch of mystery, try going for a smoky look by opting for colors like black and darker shades of brown.

Apply Makeup
Firstly, you need to apply a thin layer of foundation over your eyelids. Then, apply a bit of concealer under the eyes to camouflage fine lines and wrinkles. Next, apply a coat of eye shadow primer – starting from the eyelash to the eyebrow. This will ensure that the eye makeup sustains for longer. Take three shades of the same color. Firstly choose the medium color and apply it from your eyelashes till the crease. Then use an eyeliner (darker shade of the same color) to make a line just along your eyelashes. Use the darkest color shade to go over this eyeliner line. Then, prep the portion above the eye crease with the lightest shade of the color. For the space under the eyebrow, use a shimmery shade of the same color. Finish the look by blending the colors on the eyelid thoroughly to avoid any unsightly lines.

For Acne and Pimples

It’s funny how our pimples seem to pop up just when we are getting ready for a party. However, through the art of applying makeup you can hide almost all scars and blemishes most effectively. Here are some tips to get started:

Type of Makeup
Nowadays, you will find plenty of reputed makeup brands producing products with ingredients that actually fight bacteria and diminish acne. Using such brands can help you combat acne and make you look good.

Apply Makeup
For acne-prone areas, you will first need to prep up your face with the help of a foundation. You can choose from stick, liquid, or pancake versions. Make sure to blend in the foundation thoroughly along the hairline and the jaw line. Then, apply concealer to the areas that are affected with acne. Again, make sure to blend it in well. Finish off the look with a translucent powder. Just dab it on the face and blend it in well.

Makeup with Contact Lenses

If you love wearing make up but use contact lenses, then here are some things you should take care of:

1. Always wear your contact lenses first and then start to apply your makeup.
2. Be as minimalist as possible as a lot of make up can irritate the eyes.
3. Use eye makeup that is fragrance-free and oil-free.
4. Use a non-oil based mascara which is also waterproof. This will prevent your skin from flaking.
5. Be sure to replace old mascara and other outdated make up products with fresh stock every 6 months. This will help prevent any contamination.